Sep 14, 2008

New Website - The Therapy Lounge

We've recently finish re branding Hasland Beauty Clinic to - The Therapy Lounge. Carly had outgrown her previous salon and decided to relocate 200 yards down the road!

Instead of keeping the name Hasland Beauty Clinic Carly decided a whole new look was needed - and Bimbo Design were at the end of the phone ready to help.

It has been a big project to work on as Carly needed everything from a new logo, appointment cards, price lists to a 10 meter shop front.

With all the changes to the new salon Carly was on a very tight budget - and was surprised at how little the whole branding cost her.

Since her opening in August the Therapy Lounge has more than doubled it's trade (we like to think that Bimbo Designs rebrand had some part to play)

visit the website -

The Therapy Lounge - Hasland, Chesterfield

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