Feb 19, 2010

Viral Marketing Campaign

Last week we launched a full scale Viral Marketing Campaign for Precious Bridal Rooms,  Derbyshire.  With Prom season on the horizon Karen & Rachel wanted to appeal to their target market of 15 - 16 year old girls, a difficult audience to capture.  Then we had an idea of launching the next 'Miss Precious' competition.

After a few phone calls to some of our clients we managed to created the perfect prize for any teenage girl... the chance to win a Prom Dress, Make Over & Photoshoot! for more details on the competition click here

When we first launched the competition a week ago, Precious Bridal Rooms had 163 fans now they have in excess of 650 (and most are the target audience they were looking for).

Would you like to run a Viral Marketing campaign or  like us to setup a Facebook page for your business? Give Lynsey a call on 01246 855222 or email studio@bimbodesign.co.uk

Precious Bridal Rooms - Chesterfield, Derbyshire

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