Mar 3, 2010

Blogging Workshops - NOW AVAILABLE!

Due to high demand, our fabulous online marketing workshop dates have been extended throughout the year for the benefit of local businesses.

Unlike other social media and online marketing courses running around the area at the moment, were not 'in it for the money' the reason our workshops are so low in price is that we want to cover our costs but more than anything, we want to help your business grow using online marketing.

We understand that many local businesses haven't got huge marketing budgets and cant afford a large sum to pay out on learning marketing for your business which is why we have announced these workshops that you can afford - online marketing is a vital part of customer development and needs to be part of your business

-  £50 per person
- Includes Business Lunch

For more information or to book, please contact Lynsey on 01246 855 222 or visit our Facebook page

Limited places are available so don't waste any more time!

Blogging Workshops - Derbyshire 


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