Oct 3, 2010

Transparent Business Cards - Simon Revill Photography

Transparent Business cards

I adore these business cards that I have designed & printed for Simon Revill.  I've worked with Simon  on a number of photography projects but never had the pleasure of working on his marketing... but he finally saw the benefits that Bimbo Design could give him over his competition, and let me loose on his business cards... yay!

The photographic market is fierce, so I wanted to make sure that Simons business cards would be kept and not fade into the background.  We decided that a translucent card was most appropriate and a very subtle & delicate designed was applied.  It's a difficult one to explain so i'll let the photograph do the talking (supplied by Simon Revill, of course!)

Does you business need business cards or great corporate stationery?  Give me a call on 01246 855 222 or email studio@bimbodesign.co.uk

Lynsey x

Simon Revill Photography - Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Bimbo Design - Printing by Bimbo

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