May 25, 2011

In full bloom - Tineke Floral Designs

These are not just flowers... they are fragrant, simply exquisite Tineke flowers!  If you've ever been lucky enough to receive a bunch you will know exactly what I mean!  Recently Bimbo Design has been doing quite a bit of marketing for Kerry at Tineke Floral Designs, above is an advert that I designed for Save the Date Magazine.

Magazine advertising can be an expensive part of the marketing mix, so make sure you do your business justice and have your advert designed for you - yes it will be an additional cost but trying to cut corners and design an advert yourself can be more damaging to your business than you might think!

Who ever said "never judge a book by its cover?!" In our industry we know that all new clients do judge your company by its branding and marketing package, so it is essential to get the package right!  If you would like any help or advice on your marketing give Bimbo Design a call on 01246 855 222 or email

Now back to the flowers...  Due to popular demand, Kerry is now able to dispatch exquisite Tineke bouquets nationwide - click here to visit the website or pop in to the shop!  - and tell Kerry I sent you : )

Lynsey x

Tineke Floral Designs - Matlock, Derbyshire

Bimbo Design

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