Aug 27, 2008

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The August Issue is focussed on the misconceptions about marketing, quite an eye opener!

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Aug 19, 2008

Advertising Campaign - Royal Clinic

Kevin at the Royal Clinic was looking for a new design agency to help him with the creative for his advertising campaign. Even though the whole process was done over email Kevin still managed to get the exact look he wanted without having to meet us in person or even speak to us over the phone - we must be too scary!

Kevin has now threatened us with a truckload of work, as he was thrilled with the service from Bimbo Design.

"Bring it on!" is what we told him.

The Royal Clinic - Liverpool

Aug 8, 2008

Letterhead Design - Russell Smith Plumbing

New Letterhead Design

Russell recently had his new Company Branding done by Bimbo Design and while we were at it we had some letterheads printed for him featuring his new sleek identity.

Currently his van is being given the same treatment and will feature a full vinyl wrap ... check back soon to see the picture of his van when we've finished - it's going to turn heads!

Russell Smith Plumbing & Heating - Ollerton, Nottingham

Perfect Touch Beauty Salon - New Treatment menu

New Treatment Menu

Colleen at the Perfect Touch Beauty Salon contacted Bimbo Design after receiving a fantasticly designed mailshot - from us!

As luck had it she only had a few price lists left and decided a fresh new look was needed. So after a quick chat and a lovely manicure we came up with this little number!

We know Colleen will be in touch soon as she's dying to get matching appointment cards and gift vouchers...

The Perfect Touch Beauty Salon - Stavely, Chesterfield