Jun 23, 2010

... more reports - Nottingham City LINk

Bimbo Design have just finished working on Nottingham City LINks 12 page annual report, it's currently being printed and we can't wait to see the final finished product - we still get giddy seeing our work come back from print!

We had to work to a very tight deadline on this project, after a couple of very long days ( & nights!) we got there in the end and everyone is happy : )

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Nottingham City LINk - Nottingham

Bimbo Design - Printing by Bimbo

Reports, reports, reports! - Nottingham County LINk

Well we guess it's that time of year where companies are dotting the i's and crossing the t's - at Bimbo Design we have had an influx of annual reports to design & print this month, and have just finished Nottingham County LINks 28 page annual report... phew!

We've been working with Nottingham County LINk for quite some time now, we design & print their bi-monthly newsletters, stationery, display banners and much more!

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Nottingham County LINk - Nottingham

Bimbo Design  - Printing by Bimbo

Jun 22, 2010

Annual Review - Village Aid

It's been a real busy few weeks at the Bimbo Design studio - this lovely annual review is one of the reasons why!  We have been working with James Atkins at Village Aid to design their 2010 annual report.  Village Aid is an International Development organisation based in Bakewell, Derbyshire.  They support local African Partners working with poor and marginalised rural communities, particularly women and young people.
Projects they fund tackle human rights, literacy, microcredit and small business development, agricultural development and HIV/AIDS awareness issues.  For more information on this fantastic charity, please visit the website:  http://www.villageaid.org

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... a lovely comment from James at Village Aid:  'Again, thank you for working so hard on this for us, you are brilliant

Village Aid - Bakewell, Derbyshire

Jun 20, 2010

Salon Posters - Spa Products International

It's been a little while since we've done any work for Michelle at Spa Products International, she's been busy re-structuring her business and is now ready to let Bimbo Design loose on her marketing & promotional materials - yipee!

We've just finished designing these lovely eye-catching posters and are now working on new colour charts & appointment cards to match. 

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Spa Products International - Bulwell, Nottingham


Jun 14, 2010

The ALL IN Business Event

Don't miss THE business event of the YEAR - Independent Derbyshire Business Exhibition Seminar & Networking Event Full Day ** 9th September 2010

Bimbo Design have just finished some promotional leaflets to advertise the event.  Why not pop along and see us, as we'll also be exhibiting.  It's the perfect chance to network with like-minded professionals and give your business a boost
The event is the FIRST EVER independent business to business run event that has been organised in the area and is sure to be a fantastic event

For more information or to book a place,  contact Claire info@brighterdirections.co.uk
-  places are limited

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Matlock Links - The ALL IN Business Event
Matlock - Derbyshire


Jun 2, 2010

Tenacious DJ - New Branding

Summer's nearly here and at Bimbo Design we love nothing better than a good party...well, er actually, we're just looking for an excuse to hire Tenacious DJ!

Tenacious DJ can provide a 'one stop shop' for all your disco needs, making sure you have the perfect night.

We've just finished designing his fabby new logo, and now we're working hard to finish the   website - which will be ready to go live early next week... yay!

Would you like some fantastic company branding to give your business the competitive edge? If the answer is a massive YES then call Lynsey on 01142 890 444 or email hello@bimbodesign.co.uk

Tenacious DJ - Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Bimbo Design - Printing by Bimbo