Mar 17, 2012

A Craic-ing print offer!

Just look at Bimbo!  He’s raided the dressing up box again and come out smelling of shamrocks – yes, you’ve got it in one; it’s St Patrick’s day! And to celebrate we are offering all our customers a craic-ing print offer.

15% OFF All printing through the Online Print Shop

You don’t need to have the luck of the Irish to take advantage of our sparkly deal, but you will need fingers as fast as Michael Flatley’s feet as this offer ends at midnight on March 25th 2012.  But just think, with the money you’ll save you can treat yourself to a large Guinness, turn up the folk music and practice those Riverdance moves.  Get in!
Happy St Paddy’s Day lads and lassies.
To take advantage simply visit the Online Print Shop and enter ‘CLOVER’ on checkout for a whopping 15% off
Lynsey xx

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